The edible European Brown Snail or Brown Garden Snail (Helix asperas), is the common garden snail or French "Escargot" which is considered a pest in gardens and yards all over the country, especially in California. Also known in France as the Petit Gris or Vineyard snail, it was  probably first brought to the North American continent about 1850. Another edible snail found in some parts of this state is the white Spanish or "milk" snail (Otala lactea), which is preferred by many people of southern European stock.

Snails have been used as food throughout the world for centuries, and edible varieties are often cultivated in cages placed in door yards, basements, and even in dwellings. Their distribution in the United States is due to accidental introduction (e.g., escape from cages, smuggling, and violation of agriculture laws), or sometimes to intentional introduction by  those of European descent have used them for food---as do the Italian-Americans in the San Francisco bay area (Bagdad by the Bay), who, for many years, have enjoyed the local snails, "Bobaluchios".

Snails belong to the same class (Gastropoda) as the abalone, a sea snail widely acclaimed as a specialty food along with the gulf conch. The escargot in the United States is still generally thought of only as a garden nuisance, even though it can be prepared as a tasty food low in calories (about 90 calories per 100 grams of meat), high in protein (12 to 16%), and rich in minerals.

CAUTION!Be very careful if you are going to decide to use the snail from your own back yard or front yard. Try to ascertain if anyone has used snail bait for eradication of snails. SNAIL POISON!Your neighbors could use snail poison and these can migrate to your yard and contaminate your new found protein source. REMEMBER! Some snails may contain enough poison that may not be lethal to the snail--but there may be enough residual poison that if you consumed enough of the contaminated types it may KILL YOU!!

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