Pressure Cookers & Sterilizers

Portable & Energy Efficient Pressure Cookers (Retorts)

A) 10 1/2 qt. liquid capacity, holds 7 pt. or 4 qt. jars 7 #2 0r 4 #2-1/2 cans.
B) 15-1/2 qt. liquid capacity, holds 10 pt. or 7 qt. jars 12 #2 0r 7 #2-1/2 cans..
C) 21 1/2 qt. liquid capacity, holds18 pt. or 7 qt. jars 40 Ness Cans or 24 1 lb. cans.
D) 30 qt. liquid capacity, holds 14 qt. jars, 42 Ness Cans or 30 1 lb. cans.
E) 41-1/2 qt. liquid capacity, holds 16 qt. jars, 84 Ness Cans or 49 1 lb. cans.

  • Solid Cast X-Y grade Aluminum Construction
  • Tested and Certified Steam Pressure Gauge
  • Safety Control Valve
  • Pressure Over Release
  • Metal-to-Metal Seal (requires no gaskets)
  • New, Optional, Non-Stick and Non-Reactive Coatings. Larger cooking volumes
  • Larger boiling water baths
  • Optional: boiling water bath, sauce and stew pot lids
  • Complete instructions/recipe book included
  • Contact us for further information on Retort Parts and Accessories

    Autoclaves and Sterilizers

    All of our retorts may be used as autoclaves and sterilizers. We have several sizes to choose from including electric and custom models for bovine, equine and parakeet artificial insemination tubes. Racks and instrument baskets are also available. The Special Veterinarian's unit (requires copy of current license for purchase).

    Vacuum Chambers

    All our pressure cookers make ideal vacuum chambers, packing machines for glass containers or any other items with rubber seals. This overriding pressure container can be used by jewelers, artists, dentists, and many others for investment casting and other uses. Conversion kits are available on request.

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