Custom Cannery Design

We have the finest community and commercial cannery equipment with all automatic controls, precision sealers, reusable tooling for cans and complete, easy instructions to save time and money for operators and consumers.

Our fully portable system is ideal for mass feeding programs for civil defense of emergencies, water distillation, hospital sterilization, school lunch programs or meals on wheels. It can be used with propane or natural gas, coal, wood or electricity. All sealing equipment can be abapted to hand, bicycle, waterwheel or wind power. All chart recorders are run only by precision clock mechanisms.

This system meets both high and low-acid processing equipment requirements of the FDA (CFR Title21) and the California Department of Public Health. For prices and information, describe specific needs, tonnage and through-put requirements.
We've designed portable custom canneries for folks in Alaska, Washington, Camel River, Oregon, California, Oakland, Mexico and Papua New Guinea. We have designed canneries on a commercial scale in Oakland, and Ontario, California. We design your cannery to fit your specific needs. We write your HACCP specific to your cannery design. Currently we have two in the works for Barbados and West Africa.

If you would like more information or catalog please feel free to e-mail us or call (510) 535-2311 during our regular office hours and we will endeavor to answer your questions about canning in tin, jars and retort pouches.


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